PAN offers government policy to lift Indonesia out of crisis

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Central Executive Board of the National Mandate Party (PAN) offers a mid way political economic policy to the country from the economic crisis.

"PAN wants to offer a format of mid way political economic policy to the government. We are supporting the government not on horse trading," PANs leading economist and deputy general chairman of the party Didik J Rachbini said in public discussion on "Economic Crisis , Unemployment and Solution" held at the PAN office here on Wednesday.

PAN, which is part of the opposition Red and White Coalition, shocked political observers as well as the coalition, when its announced last week that it had decided to support the government to help it in dealing with the crisis.

Didik said the government has to acknowledge that the country is already in crisis with shrinking value of rupiah against the US dollar, and rising unemployment.

"The root problem is clear , crisis is already in , unemployment is high. In the era of Jokowi , unemployment surges. That is our argument to join in league with the government to solve the problem together," he said.

The government, however, refused to acknowledge that the country is facing crisis the like of the monetary crisis in 1998, saying inflation is well under control, the economy still posted growth though lower and the banking industry is healthy.

Didik said PAN wants to propose a five point offer of economic policy strategies to the government.

The strategies include how to develop confidence in the government by improving the climate with strong political backing, creating rupiah stability, increasing exports, industrial strategy with high competitiveness to prevent more lay off and to maintain the purchasing power of the people, he said.

He said the strategy of economic policy has to be carried out by the government with PAN as its new partner.(*)