President releases 190 birds at Bogor Botanical Garden

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) released 190 birds to West Javas Bogor Botanical Garden on Sunday.

Presidential Communications Team officer Ari Dwipayana said in a press statement received here on Sunday that the President wanted to create better ecosystem condition for the Bogor botanical garden.

The birds released by the President are locally called Jalak Kebo, Jalak Nias, Jalak Biasa, Kapasan, Puter, Perkutut, Kutilang Sutra, Kutilang Biasa, and Trucuk.

In February last year, the President also released hundreds of birds at the Merdeka Palace and the Bogor Presidential Palace.

President Jokowi also once released fish to the Ciliwuing River and the ponds at Bogor Botanical Garden.

The aim of the release of birds and fish is to maintain the balance of ecosystem, particularly in urban areas.

Jokowi has observed that the number of birds is declining, including in the areas of the Presidential Palace and the Bogor Botanical Garden.

Therefore, the President wants that the presence of birds and fish in the two places should be protected and be preserved, and their numbers be increased.

The birds which were released by the President on Sunday were bought from the Pramuk Bird Market in East Jakarta on Saturday.(*)