Palembang designates Al-Munawar kampong as religious tourism site

Palembang, S Sumatra (ANTARA News) - Palembang will develop the Al-Munawar kampong, an Arab quarter, as a religious tourism site as the area has a vibrant Islamic environment and distinctive culture.

The development of faith tourism was aimed at harnessing Musi Rivers tourism potential, Irene Camalyn Sinaga of the South Sumatra tourism and culture office, stated here, Monday.

Musi Rivers tourism should be supported by other tourist attractions, she remarked.

In the kampong, most of the houses are over a century old and are located near Musi River.

Head of South Sumatras health office Lesty Nuraini said she would support the plan by improving the cleanliness of the kampong and by educating the local inhabitants on leading a healthy lifestyle.(*)