Foreign minister satisfied with US-ASEAN Summit`s outcome

Honolulu (ANTARA News) - Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno LP Marsudi said she was satisfied with the outcome of the US-ASEAN Summit held in Sunnylands, California, United States, from February 15 to 16.

"I am satisfied with the summit, which ran very well, openly and constructively," she told the press on-board the presidential plane Republik Indonesia-1, which carried President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and his entourage back to Indonesia from the United States following the summit.

Retno did not deny serious differences of opinion in formulating the 17-principle Sunnylands Declaration, which was later agreed upon by the United States and ASEAN member states.

As the first-time host of the Summit, which brought together heads of state/government from ASEAN member states, the United States expressed strong commitment to enhancing its partnership with ASEAN, she said.

The summit was also open to accommodating commitment proposals from ASEAN member states, including Indonesia, she noted.

Asked about the extent to which Indonesia will be able to influence the outcome of the meeting, she said there is no need to doubt it, particularly because Indonesia has so far been regarded as a "leader" in ASEAN and because of its population makes up nearly 60 percent of the regions population.

"(As we all know) we are the first country asked to address a session on counter-terrorism," she said.

This means that Indonesia plays an important role and has sufficient experience to share with other countries, she said.

"(At the session) President Jokowi delivered Indonesias experience in addressing the issues of extremism and terrorism," she said.

At almost every world forum discussing terrorism, Indonesia has been invited to share its experiences in addressing terrorism, Retno noted.

"We are always invited to share our experiences, particularly our strength in combating terrorism," she said.(*)