Indonesia proposes two outcome documents on OIC Extraordinary Meeting

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian government as the host of the Organization of Islamic Cooperations (OICs) Extraordinary Meeting on Palestine and Al Quds (Jerusalem), will propose two outcome documents as the summits results.

"We have sent the drafts to all OIC member countries, observers and other invited participants," Foreign Affairs Ministry Director General of Multilateral Cooperation, Hassan Kleib, during a press briefing here on Thursday.

Indonesia will host the fifth OIC Extraordinary Meeting on Palestine and Al Quds in Jakarta Convention Center on March 6 and 7.

Hassan explained that the two outcome documents, namely OIC Extraordinary Meeting on Palestine and Al Quds Resolution and Declaration, would be discussed during the Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) on March 6, and then adopted by the leaders on March 7.

The resolution will be adopted to reaffirm the Islamic states stance on supporting Palestinian independence and the status of Jerusalem, while the declaration would express the OICs commitment to follow up on the results of the meeting.

"We hope the meeting in March will not be just an event, but a process to support Palestinian independence and the peace process in Jerusalem," Hassan added.

However, he underlined that the outcome documents would be not be legally binding as the only international organization that can impose sanctions for any resolution is the United Nations (U.N.) Security Council.

"Even though it is just politically and morally binding, we can reach a stronger consensus and offer solid support for Palestine," he said.

Moreover, Indonesia also invited four key players on the Palestine-Israel peace process negotiation, namely the U.N., European Union (EU), Russia, and the United States.

"I have given a briefing to the quartets representatives in Indonesia related to the meeting and some of them have confirmed that they will send their special envoys to Jakarta," Hassan said.

As the host of the meeting, Indonesia has invited 56 OIC member states, four observer states (Thailand, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Russia, Republic of Central Africa), and the Quartet Group of Palestine-Israel Negotiation.(*)