Suicide bomber in Solo identified as former sub-district head

Suicide bomber in Solo identified as former sub-district head

The police took the body bag Nur Rohman, a suicide bomber in Mapolresta Solo, Central Java, on Tuesday (July 5, 2016 ). (ANTARA/Maulana Surya)

I am not sure where he went as he did not inform us properly."
Solo (ANTARA News) - Nur Rohman, former head of neighborhood unit 01, Sangkrah Village, Pasar Kliwon Sub-District, Solo, has been named a suspect in the suicide bombing incident at the Surakarta Police Headquarters complex in Surakarta, Central Java, on Tuesday.

"I have not yet received full information, but the data from the district office points to this," Sangkrah village head Singgih Bagijono stated in Solo, Tuesday.

Rohman was a meatball seller and would go around the area on his motorbike. Ever since the bombing incident in Sarinah, Jakarta, he was once caught with homemade bombs in Sangkrah. He disappeared since then until the bombing incident in Solo, Singgih revealed.

Before his disappearance, Rohman was known to have a wife named Aminah from Cianjur, West Java. Rohman had resigned from the post of head of neighborhood unit (RT) and had bid farewell to the residents in the RT. No one was aware of where he was headed.

"I am not sure where he went as he did not inform us properly. What we know for sure is that he has a wife and two children, five-year-old Akhlaf Farman Fidai and three-year-old Qois Ailan Fida, who live in Sangkrah," Singgih added.

When questioned about whether the authorities had contacted Aminah, Singgih revealed that they had got in touch with his wife, and she had also came down to confirm whether the deceased was indeed Rohman.

"We are yet to receive any confirmation. I have also not met Rohmans wife yet," he stated.

Rohman was known to be an average Joe in his village until he left. Nobody was ever in contact with him following his departure and neither was he ever seen around the village again.

"The situation in Sangkrah is rather calm and safe at the moment, as you can tell," Singgih noted while proposing to spread awareness among the public to prevent incidents such as this from recurring in future.

(Reported by Joko Widodo/Uu.KR-ARC/INE/KR-BSR/H-YH)