President Jokowi inaugurates 720 military, police cadets

Magelang, Central Java (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) inaugurated 720 Military and Police cadets as officers during the "Prasetya Perwira Remaja TNI-Polri 2016" ceremony held here on Tuesday.

At the ceremony, held at the Sapta Marga Square of the Magelang Military Academy, President Jokowi inaugurated 221 Military cadets, 91 Navy cadets, 108 Air Force cadets, and 300 Police cadets, who had recently graduated from Military and Police academies in 2016.

The president, in his message, said the Military and Police are the states instruments at the forefront of maintaining defense and security of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Therefore, the president emphasized that the Military and Police must work together, coordinate, and stand united for the sake of the nation, state, and people of Indonesia.

"Remove sectoral ego, increase the spirit of solidarity -- the solidarity of TNI and Polri. Maintain oneness of the TNI and Polri with the people," Jokowi affirmed.

The president asserted that Military and Police officers must be responsive, sensitive, and continue to improve the quality of their professional performance.

"When there is public criticism related to the performance of the Military and Police, use it as inputs to improve performance," he suggested.

The president expressed hope that the Military and Police will continue to improve their institutions in order to be at par with the developments in the national, regional, and global environments.

"I call on the Military and Police cadets to fulfill their tasks, to respect the mandate, and to carry out their services in a professional, proportional, and procedural manner by upholding the provision of law, professional ethics, and human rights," the president noted.(*)