UN must respect Indonesian sovereignty on death penalty

"The death sentence is still imposed in Indonesia, therefore the (UN) should respect the law of Indonesia," Fadli Zon said.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - House of Representatives Deputy Speaker Fadli Zon reiterated that the United Nations must respect Indonesian rule of law, including the Indonesian governments decision to carry out the death penalty phase III.

"The death sentence is still imposed in Indonesia, therefore the (UN) should respect the law of Indonesia," Fadli Zon said here on Thursday.

The Deputy Speaker emphasized that Indonesian laws still allow the death penalty, unless the country changes the law. The death penalty is also in place in other developed countries.

Fadli invited the Indonesian government to carry out the death penalty, following a court ordering the executions.

"It should not be too much of a polemic. Weve saw a long drama (the death penalty) last year, so it shouldnt happen again," Fadli Zon said.

Fadli agreed about the governments efforts to stop drug dealers.

Member of Commission III of the House of Representatives, Arsul Sani, noted that the United Nations (UN) demand for Indonesia to stop the death penalty is only called upon by the developing countries.

"If the case happens to the United States, the United Nations would not say anything," Fadli said.

Fadli said he believes the UN is applying a double standard in dealing with the death penalty, and that Indonesia does not have to be bound to such requests.

Indonesia is a sovereign state that has its own legal system and is not the only country in the world that carries out executions.

Earlier, Chairman of the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council Zeid Raad Al Hussein asked Indonesia to re-impose a moratorium on the death penalty.

Hussein further urged Indonesia not to execute 14 death row inmates this week.

"The death penalty is expected to be carried out this week in a correctional institution with high security standards on Nusakambangan Island, Central Java," Hussein said in a statement in Geneva.

Hussein added that the UN is very concerned with the lack of transparency in the process, and in accordance with fair trial guarantees, including the right to appeal.(*)