Indonesia BNN ready to shoot to kill drug dealers

Indonesia BNN ready to shoot to kill drug dealers

Head of the Indonesia National Anti Drug Agency (BNN) Com. Gen. Budi Waseso. (ANTARA/Priyambodo RH/P003)

The targets are those of whom we already have solid data about lawlessness."
Surabaya (ANTARA News) - Head of the Indonesia National Anti Drug Agency (BNN) Com. Gen. Budi Waseso (Buwas) said the agency is ready to shoot to kill drug dealers as they have spoiled millions of Indonesian youths and threaten the future of the nation.

"We are not doing things haphazardly. It would be a well measured action . The targets are those of whom we already have solid data about lawlessness. Useless to send to them to the rehabilitation center. Rehabilitation center would not change them. They even would look for victims there," Buwas said here.

Buwas said he guarantees his proposed action (shooting to kill drug dealers) is not against the law and human rights.

"The drug dealers are the ones who have violated human rights," he said at a meeting with mass media leaders also attended by East Java police chief Insd.Gen. Anton Setiadji, East Java Vice Governor H Saifullah Yusuf, and regional military leaders.

He said the statement of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) earlier that the country had been in the status of drug emergency, was above the law, adding the president has even declared war against drugs.

He said he had prepared a special team, which would act firmly against drug dealers.

"We are only waiting for standard weapons we have ordered and would be available in November," he said.

He said BNN already has 50 trained police dogs (K-9) specially for drug tracking.

"We trained the 50 K-9 for six months . I was even asked by the president to go to the Netherlands to study how to train K-nine," he said.

The number of K-9 would be increased using local dogs , he said, adding, for that purpose BNN cooperated with dog loving people.

"We are serious in the fight against drugs . There has been 5.9 million drug consumers in Indonesia," he said.

Drug croupiers have created "Operasi Regenerasi Pasar Narkoba" (drug market regeneration operation) targeting kindergarten, elementary and junior high school children, he said.

They are seeking to create new buyers and market as they are aware the 5.9 million regular drug users would not live much longer, he said, adding currently 40 Indonesian drug addicts died every day.

He said the big drug Mafia abroad are the ones to gain more from the illicit trade involving Indonesian youths.

"The drug network has a turnover of around Rp3.6 trillion a year and last year Rp2.7 trillion of the fund were transferred from Indonesia to addresses in 11 countries mainly in China," he said.

He said he was frustrated as other countries, including neighboring countries - Malaysia and Singapore - do not readily accept cooperation in the fight against drugs.

"Therefore, we would do by way we have learned from many other countries," he said.

Earlier in the day in Jakarta, Buwas said rehab centers for drug addicts would give an opportunity for extortionists among law enforcement officers.

Buwas was giving comment on a discussion the performance of the present regime after two years in power attended by presidential chief of staff Teten Masduki, Coordinating Minister for Law, Security and Political Affairs Wiranto, police chief Gen. Tito Karnavian, and head of the National Anti Terrorist Agency (BNPT) Suhardi Alius, Buwas said rehabilitation is an indication of failure in eradicating and preventing drugs although it an attempt to save people from narcotics.

He said rehabilitation is not the domain of BNN and police, adding it is the domain of the health ministry and Social Affairs Ministry.

"Rehabilitation give an opportunity for some elements among the law enforcement officers to extort drug addicts," he said.

Therefore, it is necessary to revise the Law No. 35 of 2009, which have many loopholes for naughty law officers to to abuse their power.

"I have to be frank that this is a weakness for which we need to do something," he said.

Extortionists are found not only among BNN and police officers but also among prosecutors and judges, he said.

After they got through BNN and police the drug addicts have yet to face the same threat from prosecutors and judges , he said.

He said the rehabilitation program has been used as a business area that they need serious addressing and standardization.

"We have 100 rehab centers, 100 types of rehabilitation. Addicts are boiled, submerged or told to run. What model of rehabilitation is this," he queried.

In some rehab centers drug addicts need only to come for registration and they could go away that the have been rehabilitated after paying a certain amount of money, he said.

"It is fact. I am not making up stories. They play game with human life. How come rehabilitation center without medical facility," he said.

He said he had reported the situation to the president in coordination with the Health Minister and Social Affairs Minister regarding rehabilitation program.

He also said he had kept data about the weaknesses of the Narcotics Law but the process of revision at the House of Representatives went very slow .

The lawmakers took months to discuss a paragraph, he said.

Therefore, he asked the Coordinating Minister for Law, Security and Political Affairs to include the revision of the Narcotics Law in the government program of law reform.