Indonesian anti-terrorist squad discovers bottles of chemicals

Indonesian anti-terrorist squad discovers bottles of chemicals

Officers Forensic Laboratory Headquarters of the Indonesian Police (Polri Labfor) brings some of the evidence when making if the crime scene at the rented house unexpectedly groups terrorist networks, in the area 8 NCO Jaya, Bekasi, West Java, on Sunday (Dec. 11, 2016). (ANTARA/Risky Andrianto)

The items were found in Room Number 1, which was occupied by KF."
Sukoharjo, Central Java (ANTARA News) - The Indonesia National Police anti-terrorist squad, Special Detachment (Densus) 88, discovered bottles of chemicals while searching the house of suspected terrorist KF, 22, on Monday.

KF was arrested by Densus 88 in the village of Gebang, Ngawi, East Java, on Sunday (Dec 11) for allegedly being involved in the making of a bomb uncovered by the police in Bekasi, West Java, recently.

Some 40 bottles of chemicals, a laptop, books, and a rice cooker were seized by the police from KFs room in a lodging house in the neighborhood of Kampung Keputren RT 02/RW 09, Kartasura, Sukoharjo District, Central Java.

The head of Kartasura Village, Didik Istiawan, who witnessed the search confirmed that bottles of chemicals and other items had been taken by the police from KFs room.

"The items were found in Room Number 1, which was occupied by KF," he stated.

Mutiah Mujianti, the management of the lodging house, said KF and his friend had rented the room for the past three months and paid the rent every month.

Sukoharjo resort police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Ruminio Ardano noted at the scene that he had only helped Densus 88 conduct the search at the house.

"We helped secure the location to investigate the activities being carried out," he remarked.

Regarding the goods confiscated by Densus 88, he said there were 42 bottles of chemicals, a laptop, some books, and a rice cooker.

He declined to divulge any further information on KF, saying he would refer it to Densus 88.

KF is an eighth-semester student at the State Institute of Islamic Studies Surakarta.

Police have arrested four people in connection with the finding of bombs in Bintarajaya, Bekasi, West Java, on Saturday, believed to be intended for detonation at the site of important national monuments.

"Four suspects have been arrested by counter-terrorism squad Densus 88. Two more are still wanted. It is possible that this number will continue to increase, depending on the results of the investigation," an official of the Public Information Bureau of the Indonesia Police, Senior Commissioner Awi Setiyono, stated at a press conference at the Indonesia Police Headquarter here on Sunday.

One of the four suspects arrested is a woman, who is believed to be the individual chosen to carry out the bombing, he remarked.

Two of the male suspects, known by their initials as MNS and AS, were arrested at the Kalimalang flyover in Bekasi at 15.40, while the other male suspect (S) was arrested in Solo, Central Java, at 18.30 on Saturday.

The female suspect, known as DNY, was arrested at her lodging house, where the bombs were found on Saturday.

They planned to detonate the bombs at vital national monuments, he confirmed.

Awi said the police had been following MNS and AS since they left Solo in Central Java. "We followed them by car from Solo to Jakarta. They entered Jakarta at 14.00," he added.

MNS and AS then picked up DNY at Pondok Kopi, East Jakarta, and took her to a post office to deliver a package.

"Densus 88 confiscated the package, taken from the post office without her knowledge. There, we found clothes and a letter in which she bid farewell to her parents, as she was going to carry out amaliyah (service)," Awi noted.

From the post office, the trio then proceeded to a lodging house in Jalan Bintarajaya 8 in Bekasi.

"She was dropped off carrying a black backpack. After that, MNS and AS left. Densus 88 followed them and caught them at the Kalimalang flyover. They did not resist arrest," he confirmed.

The police later arrested DNY and S and confiscated a rice cooker bomb kept in the black backpack as well as other items as evidence.

Awi suggested the suspects had been influenced by the Daulah Islamiyah view regarding amaliyah, and each of them had specific roles to play.

He said MNS had the role of creating a small cell and assembling a bomb along with other wanted suspects as well as carrying the bomb from Solo to Jakarta to be delivered to DNY.

AS carried the bomb from Solo to Jakarta along with MNS and rented the car to take the bomb to Jakarta and deliver it to DNY. Later, he would take the would-be bomber to a location close to a vital national monument. The bomb was expected to be detonated on Sunday (Dec 11).

DNY was tasked with detonating the bomb and finding lodgings with MNS in Bintara, Bekasi.

S, who was caught in Karanganyar, Solo, had the role of helping assemble the bomb taken by MNS and AS to Jakarta, Awi reported.

He said they would be charged with violating articles of the anti-terrorism law, carrying a sentence of up to life imprisonment.

(Reported by Bambang Dwi Marwoto/Uu.H-YH/INE/KR-BSR/F001)