E. Kalimantan`s exports down in value

E. Kalimantan`s exports down in value

Photo document of barge loaded with coal ships passing in front of the Islamic Center Mosque Baitul Muttaqien Kaltim located on the banks of the Mahakam, Samarinda, East Kalimantan. (ANTARA/Irwansyah Putra)

Samarinda (ANTARA News) - Exports of East Kalimantan Province dropped 22.91% to US$12.47 billion in the first 11 months of 2016 year-on-year.

East Kalimantan is a major exporter of oil and gas and coal, the price of which have dropped lately, head of the provincial office of the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) M Habibullah said here on Saturday (Jan. 7).

Oil and gas and coal accounted for the bulk or US$11.34 billion of the export value, or down from US$14.83 billion in the same period in 2015.

Non energy export commodities of the province include fertilizer contributing US$237.34 million to the total export value or 14.17% higher year-on-year, timber and timber products contributing US$282.58 million or down from US$335.7 million, and vegetable fats and oils US$239.78 million, inorganic chemicals US$264.60 million, etc.

The main export destinations were Japan to which exports were valued at US$1.513 billion, Taiwan to which exports were valued at US$725.35 million; South Korea US$412.34 million, Thailand US$16.57 million and Singapore US$320.38 million.