Gerindra initiates inquiry committee over reappointment of Ahok

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Gerindra Party will initiate the establishment of a House inquiry to look into the reappointment of Basuki Tjahaya Purnama (Ahok) as Jakarta Governor, while he is still a suspect, Gerindra Deputy Chairman Fadli Zon said.

"We Gerindra (Greatest Indonesia Movement) Party is initiating the formation of an inquiry committee into the reappointment of Ahok (Ahok Gate), and we will gather support from friends of other factions," Fadli said in Jakarta on Monday.

He suspected that the decision of the Home Affairs Minister to reappoint Ahok violates the Criminal Code and Law No.23 of 2014 on Regional Government. The formation of the inquiry committee is to examine the government policy that allegedly violates the constitution.

According to Fadli, the home affairs ministers policy (to reappoint Ahok as the Jakarta governor) is not in line with the jurisprudence implemented so far regarding the discharge of regional government heads. That is the case when a regional head is dismissed even before being brought to the court.

"This policy is not in line with the jurisprudence that has been taking place regarding cases of dismissal of governors; for example, the Governor of Banten, North Sumatra Governor, and the Governor of Riau," he said.

Fadli who is also a deputy speaker of the House reminded that the Home Minister had promised, as quoted by some media, that he would discharge Ahok after the regional head election campaign is over.

Ahok was the Jakarta governor, but was temporarily put non-active during the Jakarta regional head election campaign. He also nominated himself as a candidate to contest the gubernatorial post.

Gerindra Fraction Commission IV member Endro Hermono on the occasion said his faction would consolidate with the other factions on this issue.

He hoped some faction in the Parliament could join the inquiry committee. We will sign this together, and this afternoon, we will be in coordination with the political parties having the same idea as us," Endro stated.

Endro added that Gerindra was dutiful and abides by the law. It demands that the regional governments regulations should be implemented on all citizens without discrimination.(*)