Siti Aisyah requests clothes

Siti Aisyah requests clothes

Siti Aisyah (right) and Doan Thi Huong (left), two main suspects on North Korea's Kim Jong-nam killing (Star-Online)

Kuala Lumpur (ANTARA News) - Siti Aisyah, the 25-year-old Indonesian citizen being accused in the murder of Kim Jong-nam, sought a replacement for the clothes she was wearing during the session at the Sepang Selangor Court on Thursday.

"Siti is in a good condition. She is not depressed. Her condition is much better than at the time of the first trial. She is perfectly fine mentally. She asked for replacement clothes," Saiful Aiman, the Federal Court of Malaysia-appointed translator, revealed here on Thursday.

Aiman had conveyed Aisyahs request to the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. A team from the embassy also attended the court session and has already handed over the clothes during a visit to the Kajang Prison before the court session.

At the court session, Aisyah wore a red shirt, while the other defendant 28-year-old Vietnamese citizen Doan Thi Huong wore a blue shirt.

Aiman said the clothes will be worn by Aisyah while attending the next hearing on April 30, 2017, at the Sepang Selangor Court.

On the occasion, Aisyah also expressed her longing for her son who lives in Indonesia.

Indonesian Deputy Ambassador to Malaysia Andreano Erwin said the embassy has provided clothes and other necessities to Aisyah while visiting her at the Kajang Prison. During the visit, the deputy ambassador was accompanied by Aisyahs attorneys.

The trial on April 13 was attended by Indonesian Deputy Ambassador to Malaysia Andreano Erwin, Chairman of the Task Force of Indonesian Citizen Protection Yusron B. Ambary, Aisyahs lawyer from Gooi and Azura law firm Gooi Soon Seng, and the attorney of the defendant Don Thio Huang, Nasran Sing.

The court session was headed by Judge Harith Sham Mohammad Yasin.

The trial began at 9 a.m. and ended at 9:40 a.m. local time.

Reported by Agus Setiawan