South Sumatra to host international hijab festival

Palembang, S Sumatra (ANTARA News) - South Sumatra Province will host an international hijab festival called the 2017 Indonesia Hijab Fest by the end of May 2017 to be followed by prominent designers.

The hijab festival can serve as a motivational event for women, the provinces Regional Secretary Harobin Mastofa stated here on Thursday.

According to Mastofa, in the midst of the current global developments, the hijab revolution has drawn the attention of women around the world, as it has become the main point of discussion for them.

Moreover, as Indonesia has the largest Muslim population, thus several fashion brands will be showcased at the upcoming festival, he noted.

The festival is also being held to welcome the month of Ramadan, Mastofa remarked.

In addition to showcasing various leading Muslim fashion brands, the festival will also organize a talk show that is scheduled to be attended by renowned artists Laudya Chintya Bella and Zaskia Sungkar.

The talk show will feature several speakers who will share their knowledge.

In addition to improving economic growth, the festival is expected to encourage new designers and entrepreneurs to boost their creativity.

Hence, it is important that the activity runs successfully and will require immense mutual support, Mastofa added.(*)