Wiranto praises collaboration of ministries and state institutions

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Coordinating minister for politics, security and legal affairs Wiranto praised the collaboration between ministries and state institutions in managing flows of Eid-al-Fitr travellers

"The flow of Lebaran traffic has been relatively smooth including the backflow. This has happened because the government has from the beginning made a systematic plan," he said at his office here on Monday.

He said the drop in the number of deaths in traffic accidents has been one of the proofs of the success of cooperation between ministries, state institutions and security agencies in managing the holiday season.

"I kept monitoring the process and it was proven that the number of deaths in traffic accidents dropped drastically. It used to reach 800, 700, 400 and 321 last year. This year it dropped by 42 percent to only around one hundred," he said.

The former defense forces commander also praised the performance of the government in controlling prices of basic necessaries.

"There is a new experience in Lebaran (Eid) this year which is that prices have been stable. It means the government has successfully been able to control prices so that they did not strangle" people to make them able to enjoy Lebaran well," he said.

"Security has also been maintained well by the police," he said.

Wiranto hoped the synergy would be continued in the next Eid.