Indonesian traditional ensemble attracts Argentinians

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The performance of the Indonesian traditional Javanese "gamelan" ensemble group Sang Bagaskara of the Indonesian Embassy in Buenos Aires at the Universidad del Salvadors Oriental Studies School, Buenos Aires, has attracted the attention of local people, according to a press release from the Embassy received by Antara here on Thursday.

The Indonesian gamelan show was performed at the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Universidad del Salvador School of Oriental Studies.

The event was attended by students, ambassadors and embassy representatives of the Asia Pacific countries in Buenos Aires and the people of Argentina.

Universidad del Salvador is one of the universities in Argentina that has an oriental study faculty focusing on Asian countries, including Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

In his speech, Indonesian Ambassador to Argentina Jonny Sinaga explained about the uniqueness of the gamelan group with almost all players are Argentinians.

"The group which was formed on December 23, 2011 is very unique because it has Indonesian coaches from the Indonesian Embassy while all the players are Argentinians," Ambassador Jonny said.

Sang Bagaskara group played five songs with modified arrangements involving modern Latin American and traditional music.

One of the most attractive songs played by the group was "El Baile del Pasto" which combines Indonesian gamelan and Latin American tortoises.

The director of the Universidad del Salvadors Oriental Studies School, Carlos Rua, praised the music groups performance.

Sang Bagaskara musical group consists of 20 people and regularly conducts exercises.