Indonesia urges technology transfer on weaponry system cooperation

Indonesia urges technology transfer on weaponry system cooperation

President Joko Widodo was inspecting the preparation of Angkasa Yudha 2016 Combat Training in Natuna, Riau Islands Province last year. (ANTARA/M N Kanwa)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian government has called for prioritizing technology transfer on weaponry system cooperation, which can support independency in the future.

"Indonesia has received many offers on weaponry system cooperation from a lot of countries that promise technology transfers, joint development, as well as copyrights," President Joko Widodo said here on Wednesday.

The president conducted a closed meeting that discussed main weaponry system in the presidential office in Jakarta.

Besides, some countries also offered Indonesia the construction of weaponry industry facility in local area.

"These offers should be optimized by directing the cooperation into the independency on fulfilling Indonesias weaponry necessity," Widodo stated.

The president called for the weaponry system expenditure to support the investment on local defense industry.

Widodo remarked that Indonesia aimed to create stronger military by enhancing a complete and modern weaponry system.

Indonesia also plans to create integrated weaponry system to defend air, water, and land areas, as the country has wide border areas.

"We should calculate and anticipate the transformation on weaponry technology that affects future warfare," he explained.

Widodo noted the weaponry system expenditure should consider the life time of each weapon units to 20 years ahead, including jet fighter.

With regard to procurement he said it must really be done based on principles of transparency and accountability.

"I would give no tolerance to any kind of corruption or marks up in it. The weaponry system is bought by utilizing the peoples fund. The weaponry will be used for protecting our people and the country," Jokowi added.