RI police initiates ASEAN cyber patrol

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Police Deputy Chief Commissioner General Syafruddin, has initiated the establishment of a special unit on cyber patrol to prevent radicalism and violent extremism in ASEAN countries.

"We have established a cooperation for monitoring terrorist groups or network," Syafruddin said in a statement here on Tuesday.

The initiative was introduced during the 11th ASEAN ministerial meeting on transnational crime (AMMTC), which is being held from Sept 18 to 21, in the Philippines.

In addition to the cyber patrol, the cooperation would also include the exchange of intelligence on terrorist and radical groups.

Syafruddin noted that the cyber patrol is expected to provide early warning on terrorist activity in the internet.

During the meeting, he also elaborated persuasive as well as firm approaches against radical groups and extremism in accordance with the UN global strategy to counter terrorism.

Indonesia has implemented a plan of action to counter violent extremism through deradicalization, counter deradicalization, law enforcement, and national law reinforcement, as well as international partnership and cooperation.

Indonesia held a series of trilateral meeting with Malaysia and the Philippines in Manila in June, and subregional ministerial meeting in North Sulawesis city of Manado in July, as part of efforts for the cooperation to counter violent extremism.

According to Syafruddin, radicalism could appear in a country with weak and unstable governance system. Therefore, he called on countries to strengthen their economy. (*)