"Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts" wins award in Poland

"Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts" wins award in Poland

"Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts", a film by Indonesian director Mouly Surya

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - "Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts", a film by Indonesian director Mouly Surya, has won an international award at the Five Flavors Film Festival held in Warsaw, Poland.

The victory was announced on the @cinesurya production house`s Twitter account accessed in Jakarta on Thursday, by posting a screenshot of a statement from the NETPAC Jury Award of the festival.

"The film has a unique singular vision, particularly in its stylistic qualities, using the iconography of the western transposed onto contemporary Asian landscapes," the statement said.

"Marlina" is considered striking and challenging, and carries with it exceptional qualities in editing and sound design in particular.

"Mouly Surya is no doubt one of Asian cinema`s outstanding talents today, and she brings her distinctive voice to this film," the jury noted.

This victory adds the list of awards that "Marlina" has been received, after its first appearance at the Cannes Film Festival in May this year.

The film, taking place in Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara Province, was previously awarded with best screenplay of the 11th edition of Moroccan FIFFS, best actress for Marsha Timothy from Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival, Spain, and the best Asian NestWave film award from The QCinema Film Festival, Philippines.

The ideas of the storyline that includes starring Marsha Timothy (Marlina), Dea Panendra (Novi), Egi Fedly (Mark), and Yoga Pratama (Frans), came from senior director Garin Nugroho.

The initial premise of village violence did not only occur in Sumba but also in many other areas of Indonesia. It was maintained by Mouly and Rama Adi as screenwriters, but added the details of the culture in the western genre of cowboy movies.

The film that began screening in the Indonesian cinemas since November 16 tells a story about Marlina, a young widow who was attacked and robbed. A gang of seven men threatened Marlina`s life, treasure, and and even her honor--before her mummy-shaped husband, sitting in a corner of the room.

In order to defend herself, she killed some of the robbers with poison mixed in food, and cut off the head of Markus, the robber`s boss.

The next day on a journey in search of justice and redemption, Marlina carries Mark`s head which she had cut the night before.

Marlina then meets Novi, who awaits the birth of her baby and Frans, who wants Mark`s head to re-unite with her body.

"Marlina" is often praised for its portraying of women`s strength and feminism---which has became a typical theme of Surya`s movies.