Police shoot dead three suspected drug traffickers

Police shoot dead three suspected drug traffickers


Medan, N Sumatra (ANTARA News) - Police in the Indonesian province of North Sumatra have shot dead three suspected drug traffickers of an international syndicate and seized 15 kilograms of crystal meth.

The drug case came to light following the arrest of drug trafficker, identified as Azh, on Wednesday (Jan 3) at Bunga Asoka Street in Medan, Chief of the North Sumatra Provincial Police Inpsector General Paulus Waterpauw said here on Monday.

Police officers then searched the house of Azh at Pemasyarajatan Street in Deliserdang district where they found 4 kilograms of crystal meth wrapped in a yellow plastic bag. The plastic bag is a tea pack bearing "Guanyinwang" brand.

During the search, the police also found two mobile phones, seven deposit books and a motorcycle.

The police shot Azh on his foot as he tried to escape when they searched the house.

In their further investigation, the police later searched the whereabouts of four suspected drug traffickers, identified by their initials as TST, Sus, Jn and CTF, all of them Malaysian nationals, at Imam Bonjol and Asia Streets in Medan.

During the search, the police seized 11 kilograms of crystal meth and eight mobile phones.

But when the police were about to arrest them, they tried to escape. The police later shot one of them on his foot, and shot dead three others.

Reported by Irwan Arfa