Police arrests four members of cyber crime group

Police arrests four members of cyber crime group


Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Directorate of Cyber Crime of Indonesian Police has arrested four suspects of cyber crime in four different cities.

The Director of Cyber Crime of Indonesian Police, Brig Gen Fadil Imran said here on Tuesday, the four suspects are the members of Muslim Cyber Army (MCA) who joined a group of Whatsapp application namely "The Family MCA".

Their initial names are ML arrested in Sunter of N Jakarta, RSD arrested in Bangka Belitung Province, RS arrested in Jembrana of Bali Province and Yus arrested in Sumedang of W Java.

The police investigation has gathered evidences that the MCA group frequently blast several provocative issues through social medias and chat applications.

"They are spreading some provocative issues such as Indonesian Communist Party, ulemas kidnapping, defamation to the president and the government as well as particular figures. They also spread spam or virus to people or opposing parties that can harm electronic devices," Imran said.

The suspects have violated several laws including the Law of Information and Electronic Transaction, as well as the Law of Racial and Ethnicity Discrimination.

Indonesia keep improving the law enforcement to cyber crime. On 2017, the Police has initiated the establishment of a special unit on cyber patrol to prevent radicalism and violent extremism in ASEAN countries.

In addition to the cyber patrol, the cooperation would also include the exchange of intelligence on terrorist and radical groups.

Reported by Anita Permata Dewi