Jokowi praises PPP party leader as fit for being vice president

Jokowi praises PPP party leader as fit for being vice president

President Joko Widodo delivered remarks at the closing of the National Workshop of PPP 2018 DPRD Member in Jakarta, Tuesday (15/05/2018). (ANTARA /Wahyu Putro A)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has praised the United Development Party (PPP) chief Romahurmuzy as being fit for a vice president.

At a national meeting for legislative assembly members from the party here on Tuesday, he stated that Romahurmuzy was fit to be a vice presidential candidate.

Jokowi has decided to run again in the presidential election next year, but he has not yet decided who would be his running mate.

At the PPP function at Hotel Mercure in Ancol, a video footage of the president`s interview with anchor Najwa Shihab was reviewed. During the occasion, Shihab asked about the vice presidential issue while showing the picture of Romahurmuzy, or Romi as he is popularly called.

"I spontaneously answered the question. (It means that the answer came spontaneously from my heart," Jokowi noted, commenting on the answer he gave at the interview.

He then repeated his answer, adding that Romi was a young scholar and intellectual. When further asked about this, the president remarked that that "he was fit for a vice president," drawing applause from the audience.

Responding to Romi`s speech at the meeting earlier, Jokowi explained that it had demonstrated Romi`s intellectual level.

"After hearing the PPP chief`s speech, I stated that what he had explained in more than an hour showed the real level of his intellectuality, which is really top. I must say it frankly," he elaborated.

Jokowi, in the presence of PPP legislators from across the country, called on his people to maintain unity and brotherhood while reminding them on how big the country was in term of geography, population, and diversities.

Reported by Agus Salim