Government spending records positive growth until April: Finance minister

Government spending records positive growth until April: Finance minister

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani gave a press statement about the performance of APBN 2018 at the office of the Ministry of Finance, Jakarta, Thursday (5/17/2018). (ANTARA/Sigid Kurniawan)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The central government`s spending until Apr 30 reached Rp331 trillion, higher than Rp272.7 trillion in the same period last year, according to Finance Minister Sri Mulyani.

"Spending has contributed positively to growth in the first quarter. We hope it would remain consistent in the second quarter," she noted at a press conference on budget development here on Thursday.

Mulyani explained that the government`s spending comprised expenditures of ministries and state institutions reaching Rp165.9 trillion and of non-ministries and state institutions recorded at Rp165.1 trillion.

"The spending of ministries and state institutions grew 22.7 percent, while of non-ministries and state institutions rose 20.1 percent than the same period last year," she pointed out.

Central government spending comprised expenditures for employees reaching Rp57.1 trillion, expenditures for goods purchased at Rp59.4 trillion, capital expenditure at Rp18.7 trillion, and social aid expenditure at Rp30.7 trillion.

The Ministry of Defense absorbed Rp22.9 trillion, while the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Rp15 trillion; police, Rp16.9 trillion; and Ministry of Trade, Rp12.9 trillion.

The health ministry spent Rp23 trillion, while the Ministry of Transportation, Rp5.9 trillion; Ministry of Finance, Rp10.6 trillion; Ministry of Education and Culture, Rp4.7 trillion; and Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, Rp9.5 trillion.

"The health ministry`s expenditure rose by Rp13.6 trillion to Rp23 trillion from last year, as PBI (recipients of government contribution assistance) disbursement has been carried out until August to support the BPJS health insurance," she noted.

Non-ministries and state institutions` spending has been directed to pay debt interests worth Rp79.3 trillion; employee expenditure, Rp44.6 trillion; and energy subsidy, Rp39.2 trillion.

Director General of Budget Affairs Askolani remarked that energy subsidy covered fuel oil subsidy at Rp26 trillion and electricity subsidy, Rp13.2 trillion.

The electricity subsidy has also been used to pay the government`s payment deficit of Rp13.3 trillion to Pertamina and Rp3 trillion to state electricity company PLN.

"The payment deficit for fuel oils, totaling Rp22 trillion and Rp12 trillion, were cleared, while for electricity, Rp7.3 trillion and Rp3 trillion of it has now been paid. The rest will be paid in 2019," Askolani added.

Reported by Satyagraha