Minister of manpower wants British investors to invest in HR

Minister of manpower wants British investors to invest in HR

Manpower Minister (Menaker) M. Hanif Dhakiri. (ANTARA /Galih Pradipta)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Manpower Minister (Menaker) M. Hanif Dhakiri has asked British investors and entrepreneurs to invest in Human Resources (HR) in Indonesia.

He made the remark while receiving a visit of the UK Business delegation at the Office of the Manpower Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia (RI), here, on Wednesday.

"The government invites domestic and foreign businesses (PMA) to support the development of human resources by developing an integrated job training system and professional certification for Indonesian workers," the minister stated.

Dhakiri added that the involvement of business and industry is needed to accelerate the improvement of work competence and meet the increasing demand of workers in various regions.

According to him, the support of human resources investment from the private sector in Indonesia is still very low. In fact, these companies will ultimately require competent human resources.

Therefore, investment of human resources from within and outside the country becomes the key for the business world to get competent human resources, in addition to keeping in pace with the development of the labor market.

"We have to ensure that the competence qualifications of our trainees are truly in line with the company`s needs, in accordance with the job market," said he remarked.

The manpower minister also explained to the British investors that the Government of Indonesia continues to work to create a conducive business climate in terms of regulation, licensing, incentives, and so forth.

"We are also strengthening the supervision aspect, so that its implementation in the field is exactly what we expect," Dhakiri pointed out.

Meanwhile, Director General of Manpower and Employment Opportunity Development (Binapenta and PKK) of the Manpower Ministry Maruli A. Hasoloan hoped that the meeting between the Manpower Ministry and UK Business delegates could increase foreign investment to Indonesia, especially from the UK.

Several attempts to increase foreign investment to Indonesia have also been mentioned, such as the package of economic policies as well as policies to accelerate and facilitate investment licensing.

"Therefore, we hope that the investment from the UK to Indonesia will increase," Hasoloan noted.

Translated by Eliswan