Jokowi-Ma`ruf pair undergo medical check u

Jokowi-Ma`ruf pair undergo medical check u

Presidential/Vice presidential candidate pair for 2019 presidential elections, Joko Widodo (left)/Ma'ruf Amin (right) walk out of health check-up room at RSPAD hospital on Sunday, Aug. 12 2018. (ANTARA Photo/Akbar Nugroho Gumay/foc)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The pair of presidential and vice-presidential candidates Joko Widodo and Ma`ruf Amin (Jokowi-Ma`ruf Pair) on Sunday underwent a health check under strict guarding by hundreds of security personnel from the police and the Gatot Subroto hospital.

The security personnel from the police and the hospital secured and sterilized the area around Gatot Subroto Army Center Hospital where the Jokowi-Ma`aruf pair underwent the medical examination for the 2019 presidential election.

"From our side there are 220 security personnel, deployed to secure the medical examination of Jokowi-Ma`ruf pair," Head of the Traffic Unit of Central Jakarta Metro Police Adjunct Senior Commissioner Juang Andi Priyanto remarked here on Sunday.

In the meantime, Gatot Subroto Hospital Head of the Security Section Lieutenant Colonel Harja Sujarto said besides the police security personnel, the hospital also deployed numerous guards to assist the police and the Presidential security guards.

"What is certain is that we optimize the security to sterilize the hospital area for the medical check up area," he said.

Harja said he guaranteed the public services as long as Jokowi-Ma`ruf`s health test will not be disturbed.

"Public health services continues to run normally, but because it is Sunday, the people are not too many," he said.

Before Jokowi and Ma`ruf underwent a series of health checks, they claimed to be healthy and optimistic to face the 2019 presidential election.

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Reporting by Tessa Qurrata Aini
Editing by Otniel Tamindael