Risma campaigns for litter-free Surabaya

Risma campaigns for litter-free Surabaya

Surabaya, East Java (ANTARA News) - Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini (Risma) continues to campaign to make Surabaya, the City of Heroes, free from rubbish.

During the United Cities and Local Government of Asia Pacific (UCLG Aspac) Congress here on Saturday, Risma remarked that so far, the Surabaya City Government, through the program of Free from Waste Movement, had carried out various efforts to reduce household waste.

"Through this program, we hope that Surabaya residents will care more about reducing waste. Let us fight to make Surabaya City cleaner and more beautiful for our future generation," she noted.

On a "Take a Stroll to Tunjungan" program, attended by hundreds of UCLG Aspac delegates from various countries, the mayor of Surabaya also invited the local residents to want to support the Free for Waste Program.

Risma noted that community participation and support are needed to create a synergy between the city government and citizens in managing household waste.

"Surabaya residents who have not participated in the stroll to Tunjungan can join next year. Let us together process our waste into something more useful," she remarked.

In addition, the mayor also extended her gratitude to the people of Surabaya who participated in helping the Surabaya City Government manage waste into more useful objects.

"Thank you for making Surabaya City clean, beautiful, and comfortable to live in," she noted.

In the meantime, the UN Habitat Senior Human Settlements Officer Bruno Dercon from Belgium revealed his happiness and pride over Surabaya City.

According to him, the program, which was held during the UCLG Aspac Congress in Surabaya, was quite spectacular because many attractions and arts were displayed.

"I have been in Indonesia since 1986, and I think this is the best event. This is extraordinary and very good," Dercon stated.

He also appreciated the performance of the Mayor of Surabaya, Tri Rismaharini, who succeeded in making Kalimas River cleaner, well-maintained, and beautiful.

"Thirty years ago, the river water in Surabaya was dirty, but now it is cleaner," he pointed out.

Reporting by Abdul Hakim
Editing by Otniel