IMF, WB praise Jokowi`s speech criticizing developed countries` competition

IMF, WB praise Jokowi`s speech criticizing developed countries` competition

President Joko Widodo delivers his address to the IMF World Bank Group annual meetings 2018 in Nusa Dua, Bali, on Friday (Oct 12, 2018). ANTARA FOTO/ICom/AM IMF-WBG/Puspa Perwitasari/aww.

Nusa Dua, Bali, (ANTARA News) - The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank (WB) commended President Joko Widodo`s (Jokowi`s) speech criticizing the tough competition among developed countries that could harm global economic interests.

"I acknowledge the speech of President Widodo. I guess we should go home because we can`t deliver a speech as good as him," WB President Jim Yong Kim stated during the 2018 IMF-WB Group annual meetings here on Friday.

Kim also praised that all preparations for the meeting, hosted by Indonesian government, were up to the mark despite the country having facing several disasters, such as earthquakes and tsunami in Central Sulawesi and Lombok.

"We stand with Indonesia. We give our full support to the government and its people," Kim noted.

In his remarks, Kim highlighted the importance of countries in the world to focus greater attention on the quality of human capital in realizing a prosperous life for people from all sections of society.

The WB also launched the Human Capital Index at the event. Kim broadly focused on parameters for life sustainability that illustrate the probability of life from the level of welfare. There are also educational parameters that measure a child`s potential time to receive educational facilities and health parameters.

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde also praised the speech of the president that sends across a message on the condition of the world economy.

"I also thank Mr. President for the nice speech. We are not able to deliver such a good speech," Lagarde stated while also lauding the success of the meeting hosted by Indonesia.

Lagarde added that Indonesia`s economy in the past years was impressive. Several domestic economic indicators that reap praise are alleviation of poverty and sound growth.

At the IMF-WB Group annual meetings, Jokowi drew parallels between the current global condition and Game of Thrones series. The president pointed out that relations between developed countries seem to be experiencing cracks.

"The lack of cooperation and coordination reflects several issues, such as the oil price hike and currency dynamics," he stated.

Jokowi noted that in the "Game of Thrones," several great houses of groups took control of some area, and great families fought one another to seize the Iron Throne.

"However, when `great houses` fight each other, they do not realize the big threat from the North, which is the Evil Winter that wants to destroy the world with ice and destruction," the president added.

At last, the president remarked that the threat made them realize that winning the competition was not important but instead combining forces to defeat the "Evil Winter" to avoid a global disaster.

Reporting by Noviandi Helmy
Editing by Yoseph Haryadi