Minister wants soes produce commercial products

Minister wants soes produce commercial products

State Enterprises Minister Rini Soemarno (center) together with PT Pindad President Director Abraham Mose (right) released PT Pindad's export product truck during an exhibition of innovative products by the nation's children at the LEN Office, Bandung, West Java, Wednesday. ANTARA PHOTO/M Agung Rajasa/foc.

Bandung, W Java, (ANTARA News) - Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Rini Soemarno wants strategic SOEs such as PT Dahana and PT Pindad to create commercial products.

"I hope PT Pindad and PT Dahana can make innovations to not only create products in the defense field but also commercial products that can be marketed worldwide," Minister Rini said after attending an event called Excellence: Innovation for the Country held here Wednesday.

She said support for SOEs to create commercial products is important to improve their industrial competence towards the downstream sector, and therefore replace imported products.

"To improve the competence of the national industries we should promote the downstream sectors, so that we can replace imported goods and at the same time increase exports," she said.

The ministry targets SOEs to have an export orientation and synergize with other government institutions, especially now that there are many products produced by the SOEs have been recognized by international markets.

Some products that have been internationally marketed are those produced from PT Pindad (a state owned enterprise in military and commercial products), PT Bio Farma (a national vaccine manufacture), PT Len Industri (produces electronics) and PT Dahana (engaged in the field of strategic industry offering integrated explosives services).

"Their products show that the national works are able to compete in the international world," the minister said.

The ministry is optimistic that cooperation involving local administrations and universities in West Java can increase the downstream industry.

At the Excellent: Innovation for the Country event at the Head Office of PT Len Industri, Bandung, Minister Rini Soemarno gave a name of product called Len Rescue to be LenTERA.

On that occasion, PT Len Industri launched two innovative products, namely, solar photovoltaic system (PV) for housing and offices named LenSOLAR; and Len Rescue or rapid emergency response equipment used in areas which is hit by natural disasters.

Reporting by Ajat Sudrajat
Editing by Libertina