Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Ministry of Finance will launch a website named lelang.go.id to facilitate people to participate in the auction process as well as make this activity more informative and accessible.

"The portal is expected to eliminate stigma that an auction is difficult, complicated, and very bureaucratic," Director of Auction at the Directorate General of State Assets, the Ministry of Finance, Lukman Effendi, stated here on Wednesday.

Effendi explained that this portal would build public awareness about the function of auction, attract potential buyers, raise the image of the auction, and change negative perceptions about auctions.

"The portal`s layout has been changed. Now it is like an online shopping site, Lazada. Once we click the auction portal, all auctioned items will be displayed, complete with the images. This is a strategy to make auction easily accepted by people," Effendi revealed.

The portal will also be completed with various data to facilitate restructuring of non-performing loans in the banking sector as well as other information on auction halls and private auction officials, reaching 200 people.

Effendi asserted that the auction portal is an improvement from the electronic auction that was developed by the Directorate General of State Assets in 2014.

This portal is expected to attract millennial generation to participate and get involved in the auction process.

This portal will be compatible with all devices to support the development of the e-commerce sector, which currently becomes one of the new economic drivers, and increase non-tax state revenue.

"In the future, if the portal has been well developed, we will make this sector as an industry. If the portal with millennial generation is ready, then we will expand it to be a marketplace. If we can make this plan, this government service will be great," he revealed.

The launch of the auction portal will be held in conjunction with the auction program of a number of gratuities held by Jakarta`s State Assets and Auction Service Office (KPKNL) on Nov 15, 2018.

Reporting by Satyagraha
Editing by Libertina, Yoseph Hariyadi

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