Informatic ministry conducts training of "UMKM" entrepreneurs of Cirebon

Informatic ministry conducts training of "UMKM" entrepreneurs of Cirebon

Illustration. Small and Medium Enterprises Business MSMEs (UMKM) workers make furniture made from bamboo. (ANTARA PHOTO/Muhammad Bagus Khoirunas/af/pd.)

Cirebon (ANTARA News) - The Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kemenkominfo) conducts training and facilitates and simulates online sales for Cirebon Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs/UMKM) entrepreneurs in West Java.

"It is expected that UMKM players can be increasingly stimulated to maximize e-commerce to develop their businesses," said Director of Information and Economic & Maritime Communication, Directorate General of Information and Public Communication, Septriana Tangkary in Cirebon, Saturday.

He said his side cooperated with the Cirebon City Office of Communication, Information and Statistics, Information and Communication Technology Volunteers and Shopee marketplace to educate SMEs related to the use of e-commerce.

According to Septriana, Indonesia has enormous potential to become the largest digital economy country in Asia.

Considering that currently there are more than 132 million penetration of internet users, e-commerce users continue to increase with the increase in e-commerce portals that meet the various needs of today`s society.

Online transactions through e-commerce portals said Septriana, are increasingly popular in the wider community and can be seen as a positive development.

"Because it`s easier to connect sellers and buyers now. This is important to say to MSMEs to better understand the enormous market potential, "he said.

"The initial steps have been explored, but education on the use of e-commerce portals is important to continue to do," he continued.

She further explained that through the education program, she also wanted to socialize the `Come on UMKM Online Selling` movement.

Currently she said, from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) data, the contribution of MSMEs to Indonesia`s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reached 61.41 percent with the number of MSMEs reaching almost 60 million units.

"However, only around 8 percent or as many as 3.79 million MSME players have taken advantage of online platforms to market their products, even though the consumer movement trend is increasingly burdensome in online transactions," he said.

Reporting by Khaerul Izan, Eliswan


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