Indonesian Embassy in Beijing handles 12 human trafficking cases

Beijing, (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Embassy in Beijing is currently handling 12 cases of human trafficking that have befallen Indonesian citizens in several regions in China.

"The 12 cases of human trafficking involving Indonesian citizens are still being handled. We are still in the process of obtaining an SPLP (a passport-like travel letter)," the Immigration Attach? of Indonesian Embassy in Beijing, Tato J Hidayawan, said here on Tuesday.

The Immigration division of Indonesian Embassy in Beijing had previously issued 43 SPLP in 2018 and 27 SPLP in 2017.

"The issuance of SPLP (the travel letter) has been increasing due to cases of human trafficking and illegal staying," Hidayawan stated, on the sidelines of the 69th Immigration Service Day commemoration at the Indonesian Embassy, in Beijing.

He revealed that cases of human trafficking and illegal staying involving Indonesian citizens have been happening almost every year in China. Hence, the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing has set up temporary shelters to accommodate Indonesians involved in those cases.

"Indonesian citizens who have become victims of human trafficking and seek protection from the Indonesian Embassy usually have no passport, and so they are placed in temporary shelters while waiting for the travel letters, which must be issued in coordination with the local law apparatus," Hidayawan explained.

The Immigration Attach? of the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing undertakes passport issuance for Indonesian citizens, both at the embassy and by visiting the enclaves of Indonesian citizens in 22 provinces/municipalities in mainland China.

"For Indonesian citizens who are far from the Indonesian Embassy, we will come to their places to provide passport extension services," Hidayawan added.
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