Wahid Foundation, UN Women launch guidelines for peaceful villages

Wahid Foundation, UN Women launch guidelines for peaceful villages

Wahid Foundatiin Director Yenny Wahid (Antara/Aubrey Fanani)

Jakarta,  (ANTARA News) - The Wahid Foundation in collaboration with UN Women launched guidelines for the implementation of nine indicators for a peaceful village.

The guidelines explained practical steps that can be applied by community members and village officials to develop peaceful villages based on their respective conditions.

Co Founder Wahid Foundation Yenny Wahid revealed that the guidelines also described the principles that must be upheld, such as respecting human rights, non-discrimination, gender equality, and women`s involvement.

"For example, the guidelines suggest that the implementation of peaceful villages could be managed by a working group at the village level. At least 30 percent quota for women in the working group should be filled up," Wahid said here on Friday.

The guidelines were intended to help local governments, religious leaders/community leaders, women`s groups and other stakeholders to jointly measure progress in realizing peaceful villages.

The guidelines are expected to be a joint reference to plan, monitor, and evaluate efforts in realizing a society that respects each other, she said.

The guidelines contain documents and information needed to develop, implement, and measure the program of a peaceful village.

"The book was produced from experience over the past two years, making it easier to be applied to other regions with various adjustments based on local needs and contexts. That way, peaceful villages are expected to be formed in other areas," she said.

Reporting by Aubrey Kandelila, Azis Kurmala
Editing by Eliswan Azly