Entrepreneurs label Jokowi an unselfish president

Entrepreneurs label Jokowi an unselfish president

"We believe the government does not run alone and the business world cannot walk alone,"Antara
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Entrepreneurs who are members of the Pro-Jokowi (KerJo) Employers Entrepreneur believe Jokowi is an unselfish President of the Republic of Indonesia because he always involves entrepreneurs while introducing policies related to the business world.

"The government always consults the business world while making policies concerning it. Pak Jokowi is the most unselfish President," KerJo representative Rosan Roeslani said in Jakarta on Thursday.

According to Rosan, who is also the Chairperson of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, entrepreneurs feel that the business climate is getting better and more conducive under Jokowi's government so far.

"We believe the government does not run alone and the business world cannot walk alone," Rosan said.

Based on that, tens of thousands of entrepreneurs who are members of KerJo expressed their support to Jokowi-Ma'ruf in the 2019 Presidential Election.

The declaration of support will be held at Istora Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday night and attended by the President of Indonesia and presidential candidate Jokowi.

KerJo's coordinator, Hariyadi Sukamdani, explained in general that there were five things that were the main basis for Jokowi receiving support from the business community, namely:

1. President Jokowi's leadership is considered important to ensure stability, politics and the continuity of Indonesia's economic-political policies in the next five years.

2. President Jokowi is believed to have shown his attitude as a democratic leader and not an authoritarian, and one who is willing to listen to the aspirations of the business world.

3. President Jokowi and his family are not involved in the practice of corruption, collusion and nepotism (KKN) so they can be relied on to develop a competitive business climate, and not a monopolistic one marked by nepotism.

4. President Jokowi has proven to be firm in maintaining the Pancasila ideology despite the increasingly widespread threat of extreme ideology that is anti-diversity.

5. President Jokowi has shown firmness and courage in taking various unpopular but strategic policies for national economic growth.

The 2019 presidential election will see two presidential pairs—number 1 Jokowi-Ma'ruf Amin and 02 Prabowo-Sandiaga Uno.