Timika Tax Office collects Rp611 billion in taxes

Timika Tax Office collects Rp611 billion in taxes

Head of the Timika tax office Hery Sumartono. (ANTARA News Papua/Evarianus Supar)

Timika (ANTARA) - The Timika Tax Office have, until mid-March, managed to collect taxes totaling Rp611 billion, or 36 percent of the 2019 tax revenue target of Rp2.99 trillion.

Head of the Timika tax office Hery Sumartono noted in Timika, Papua, on Friday that the tax revenue exceeded the target set at 18 percent.

"Of course, we praise this award. Hopefully it will be a good start and we can achieve the tax revenue target set by the central government," Sumartono explained.

He said that the mining sector remained the largest tax revenue contributor in the office's area. He noted that the office are now continuing to boost tax revenues from the non-mining sector, through significant efforts from Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the region that have not been active tax payers.

"Our friends continue to invite them (non-mining taxpayers) to participate in the socialization," Sumartono explained.

Currently, he revealed that there were 3,969 taxpayers from MSMEs in the area though the number of active UMKM taxpayers is only half that figure, standing at 1,015.

"In future, we have to balance the tax revenues between the mining sector and non-mining sector. If currently the mining sector contributes 70 percent of the tax revenues in Timika, in future, tax revenue from the non-mining sector must be increased by 50 percent," Sumartono explained.

The number of taxpayers in the Timika tax office working area until December 31, 2018, reached 83,430, with 6,457 corporate taxpayers of which 3,995 have active or normal status and 2,462 with non-active status.

Furthermore, the number of individual taxpayers of non-employees of PT Freeport Indonesia and its subcontractor companies reached 5,344, of which as many as 3,071 are active, and 2,273 inactive, while the number of personal taxpayers, 70 percent of the number of employees received, reached 52,535 active and 19,094 inactive.

The working areas of the Timika tax office include the districts of Mimika, Deiyai, Paniai, and Intan Jaya.