Andre Rosiade of Gerindra Party reports Metro TV to Press Council

Andre Rosiade of Gerindra Party reports Metro TV to Press Council

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Andre Rosiade, a Legislative Candidate of the Great Indonesia Movement (Gerindra) Party, on Friday, reported a news report carried by a TV station, Metro TV, on Monday, to the Press Council at Jalan Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta.

Rosiade, who arrived from the West Sumatra 1 Electoral District (Dapil), complained that Metro TV had falsely reported that he had been rejected during a campaign at Sungai Rumbai Baru Market in West Sumatra without being present on the field.

"Today, I filed a complaint against Metro TV because it reported false news and they (its reporters) were not on the field," Andre said at the Press Council Office.

He accused Metro TV of violating the journalistic code of ethics because its reporters were not present at the location when the incident occurred and it had fabricated the excessive campaign rejection, even though, according to him, he was not welcomed by only a handful of people.

"That morning, I went to Senggol Market in Sitiung City and then to New Kuto Market; there were no problems," he said.

Then, at the third market, the Pasar Rumbai Baru Market, there were some 20-30 people suspected of being supporters of the presidential and vice-presidential pairs, he said.

He claimed that he had spoken about this to Metro TV, but as there was no further update from them, Rosiade took up the case with the Press Council. "Metro TV has repeatedly committed violations," said Rosiade.

In addition to complaining to the Press Council, the General Secretary of the Gerindra Party also plans to report the case to the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI).