Malaysia deports TNI slayer after imprisonment in Sabah

Malaysia deports TNI slayer after imprisonment in Sabah

Nunukan, N Kalimantan (ANTARA) -
The Government of Malaysia has deported Dede bin Bado, a suspected killer of an Indonesian solider in the North Kalimantan city of Nunukan in 2015, from Sabah, a police spokesman said. 

This is in line with the information handed over from the Tawau Police Department to the Nunukan Regional Police on Wednesday (Apr 3).

Nunukan Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Teguh Triwantoro stated at the Nunukan Regional Police Headquarters on Thursday that he had received information from the Tawau IPD regarding the special procedures to repatriate suspects on the local police search list (DPO).

"We are making the arrangements for the immigration procedures pertaining to Dede bin Bado's special deportation and expect all to be completed before noon, including compound payments, to be bailed out first by  the Indonesian Consulate in Tawau," the Tawau IPD member informed the Nunukan Regional Police Station.

Triwantoro confirmed that suspect Dede bin Bado will soon be held in detention at the Nunukan Police Headquarters for being investigated in connection with the murder of  an Indonesian army personnel from Kodim 0911 Nunukan four years ago.

He explained that the suspect Dede was being deported after completing his four-year prison term in Tawau over a firearm possession case.

"Suspect Dede is being investigated on a prompt basis in this case in connection with the murder  of the TNI member in 2015," he clarified.

Nunukan Police Criminal Investigator Adjunct Commissioner Ali Suhadak had departed for Tawau, Sabah State, to escort the suspect to ensure no hindrance in his deportation.

The suspect will then be ferried to Nunukan District once the requisite administrative preparations are made, and fines have been cleared by the Indonesian Consulate in Tawau.