Law enforcement apparatus must act on cases in Malaysia: Uno

Law enforcement apparatus must act on cases in Malaysia: Uno

Palembang, S Sumatra (ANTARA) - Vice Presidential Candidate Sandiaga Uno believes that with the election scheduled on Apr 17, law enforcement officials should act promptly against those behind the puncturing of ballot boxes in Malaysia intended to undermine Indonesia's democracy.

"What has taken place is indeed regrettable, and we offer a separate record. This incident is an attack on our democracy, and beyond a doubt, the officials with take swift action," Uno stated at the Sandiaga Working House in the Palembang Reja Pipa area, Friday.

Uno deplored the incident that took place merely days before the scheduled 2019 presidential election. A video that went viral on social media since Thursday (Apr 11) showed a raid on a location in Malaysia during which the ballot was punctured. Moreover, several dozen big black bags that contained ballots were seen at the location.

Uno, who confirmed to have watched the video, evaluated that the ballots were not broken but intentionally punctured by people, whom the law enforcement apparatus had yet to zero in on.

Uno pointed out that the circulation of this video, in fact, triggered mistrust among members of the public in the democratic process.

"Let us pool in our efforts, as we have three to four days left. We should work towards completing all requisite measures to ensure we are as fair as possible. We need to make assurance that the law is upheld to as fair an extent as possible," he emphasized.

Uno is optimistic of a fair law enforcement process that is not only vociferous in opposition but also blunt to the authorities.

This legal case should be handled promptly and not be allowed to drag on since the presidential election is just round the corner.

"This especially holds importance because once the community loses trust in the implementation of the election, it can have negative repercussions on the process of democracy," Uno cautioned.

Vice presidential candidate number 2 Uno, pairing with presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto, will open a campaign event in Palembang on Friday (Apr 12). After a visit to the Sandiaga Working House, he will attend a national campaign event gathering to address millennials at the Sultan Convention Center in the presence of artist Nisa Syabian.