Voting for 2019 elections in Paris runs well

Voting for 2019 elections in Paris runs well

Indonesian citizens were in a queque to exercise their rights to vote in the 2019 Elections held at the Indonesian Embassy in Paris, France on Saturday (04/13/2019). (Indonesian Embassy in Paris)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The voting for the 2019 Elections for Indonesian citizens in Paris, France, took place safely and smoothly, according to Indonesian Embassy officials in a written statement received in Jakarta on Sunday.

The Paris Election Committee (PPLN) together with the Foreign Voters Organizing Group (KPPSLN) Paris  held the vote in the framework of the 2019 legislative and presidential elections in the working area of the Indonesian Embassy in Paris, France on Saturday (13/4) .

"The prospective voters enthusiastically participated in the democratic festivity which organizes every five years, since 8 a.m. when the Overseas Polling Station (TPSLN) was opened," said Rudjimin, a member of PPLN Paris.

For eligible voters who voted in the Paris Election, 74 percent were those who were included in the Permanent Election List (DPT), nine percent of voters who entered the Additional Voters List (DPTb) and 17 percent were voters in the Special Voters List (DPK).

The voter turnout was quite high because Paris is an educational center which is a favorite destination of Indonesian students and teaching staff. In addition, Paris is also one of the world's top tourist destinations.

About 71 percent of voters in Paris PPLN are women and 28 percent are men. This shows the increasing importance of the role of women in participating in determining the direction of the government in Indonesia.

For the implementation of voting at the Indonesian Embassy, PPLN Paris formed three TPSLN and one TPSLN posts to serve voters. In accordance with the provisions in the General Election Commission (KPU) regulations, with more than 1,000 voters, PPLN appointed five KPPSLN members for each TPSLN.

For Indonesian citizens who were present from various corners of France, the opportunity to come to the polling station at the Indonesian Embassy in Paris was  not only to participate in the voting process, but also to meet relatives and friends and to let go of longing for Indonesian food, which was sold at the Indonesian Embassy in Paris.

In accordance with the provisions of the KPU, the vote counting  in Paris will be held on Wednesday, April 17, 2019, coinciding with voting and counting in Indonesia.

The vote count will be conducted not only on ballot papers which have been punched from three TPSLN, but also ballot papers from voters who choose to use the postal service as a method of voting.

Voters using the postal method account for more than 50 percent of total voters in France.