Palu earthquake victims to participate in voting: KPU

Palu earthquake victims to participate in voting: KPU

Palu, C Sulawesi (ANTARA) - The General Election Commission (KPU) in Palu has ensured that the victims of the earthquake, tsunami, and liquefaction in Central Sulawesi Province last year, will be able to cast their votes during the simultaneous elections on Wednesday, April 17.

Polling stations have been set up at the evacuation sites, including at the temporary shelters in several territories within the city.

Head of KPU in Palu Agusalim Wahid stated on Tuesday that the disaster victims in Palu who have been living in temporary shelters and several evacuation sites are on the permanent voters' list. They will get a voting invitation, dubbed as C6, and will be able to cast their votes on Wednesday. The process will begin at 7 AM local time.

The number of listed voters in Palu for this year’s elections is around 213,000 people.

“Even though they do not have a voting invitation, they will still be able to vote by bringing along their identity card (KTP) that was issued by Palu’s Population and Civil Registration Office (Dukcapil),” said Wahid.

He also said that all the logistics had been delivered today to each polling station in the Palu region.

Ballots, ballot boxes, voting booths, and other election equipment had been distributed to some rural areas since Monday, April 15, by the KPU to the Sub-District Elections Committee (PPK) in eight regions, namely West Palu, East Palu, South Palu, Tatanga, Ulujadi, Mantikulore, Taweli, and North Palu.

Some 1,075 polling stations have been set up across 46 districts in the Central Sulawesi Province.

Wahid added that there are 20 polling stations that are being specially monitored by KPU in distributing logistics due to their remote location in the suburbs.

For instance, for the polling station in Uwentumbu Sub-District, the team had to travel through several rivers that were prone to flooding during heavy rain.

“But alhamdulillah (thank God), the election logistics have been delivered to those regions closely guarded by security forces,” Wahid noted.

Stating that all the troubled areas had received all the election equipment and were ready for the voting tomorrow, Wahid encouraged the Palu residents to go to each of their polling stations to cast their votes according to their conscience. “Please do vote. One vote means so much for the future of the nation for the next five years,” he said. EDITED BY INE