Meth delivery aboard container truck averted by West Jakarta Police

Meth delivery aboard container truck averted by West Jakarta Police

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The West Jakarta Police were prompt in intercepting and seizing a container truck loaded with five sackfuls of methamphetamine concealed among several hundred bags of charcoal on the Bakauheni Toll Road in Lampung.

West Jakarta Police Chief Senior Commissioner Hengki Haryadi remarked here on Wednesday that the narcotics consignment was being transported aboard an expedition truck from Riau via the Bakauheni Toll Road and scheduled for delivery in Tangerang, Banten Province.

"On the basis of the driver's initial statement, the drugs were dispatched from Pekanbaru in Riau and were headed for Balaraja in Tangerang, Banten," Haryadi noted.

Head of the West Jakarta Police' Narcotics Unit Adjunct Senior Commissioner Erick Frendriz revealed that the police operation was initiated on Monday (Apr 15) after receiving tip-off from the people.

"We were successful in seizing (the truck) on the Bakauheni Toll road in Lampung. After a raid on (the container), we located five sacks in the truck allegedly filled with methamphetamine. We also took into custody two suspects," he noted.

The duo suspects -- the truck driver and his attendant -- are in detention at the West Jakarta Police station along with the five sackfuls of methamphetamine, pending detailed probe.

"We are yet in the process of conducting an investigation into the case to track whom the five sacks allegedly containing methamphetamine belonged to," he added.