APEC facilitates clean coal technology transfer through training

APEC facilitates clean coal technology transfer through training

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), in a bid to share its significant advancement in clean coal technology development, offered training on clean and efficient utilization of low-carbon coal in Ningbo, China, to officials from Pacific Rim economies.

Coal reserves in the Asia-Pacific constitute 30 percent of the global stocks, while regional production makes up 70 percent of the global coal output, according to a written statement issued by the APEC Energy Working Group and received here on Wednesday.

"Based on coal's availability and affordability for the region’s developing economies, coal power will continue to be a base energy source in the Asia-Pacific region. Our challenge is how to make it cleaner, but we are meeting that challenge," Jyuung-Shiauu Chern, Lead Shepherd of APEC’s Energy Working Group, emphasized.

The recent workshop was hosted by the Clean Coal Technology Transfer Program Joint Operation Center, or CCT, a partnership formed in 2018 by the APEC Sustainable Energy Center and the China Energy Investment Corporation.

In recent years, China has collaborated with other APEC economies to issue policy incentives to drive renewable and clean energy research in addition to its industrial application under its endeavors directed at aligning the energy sector with a green growth framework for a better future.

Expectations ride high on China’s innovations assisting other APEC economies to inculcate best practices and lessons learnt in lowering the impact on environment.

Energy officials, business leaders, and researchers from APEC economies partook in the project, known as the Exchange and Training on Clean Coal Technology and Clean Energy Policy, to streamline energy policy planning and management in their economies.

The event ended with a visit to high-efficiency, ultra-low emission power plants, including an onshore wind power plant.