KPU Situng's data covers 90.7 percent of total polling stations

KPU Situng's data covers 90.7 percent of total polling stations

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The vote count tabulation of the 2019 presidential elections on the General Election Commission's (KPU's) Vote Count Information System (Situng) collected data encompassing 737,766 polling stations (TPS), or 90.7 percent of the total 813,350 TPS.

Incumbent Joko Widodo (Jokowi)-Ma'ruf Amin secured 77,344,150 votes, or 55.64 percent, while contender Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno garnered 61,659,747 votes, or 44.36 percent, the official website of the KPU Situng reported on Monday at 5 a.m. local time.

The Jokowi-Amin pair was in the lead, with 15.6 million more votes than Subianto-Uno.

Of Indonesia's 34 provinces, Bangka Belitung, Bali, Gorontalo, West Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, Central Kalimantan, and West Kalimantan have concluded entering the C1 form data from the TPS.

Jokowi was in the commanding lead in Bangka Belitung, Bali, West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, Gorontalo, and West Sulawesi, while Subianto secured the most number of votes in Bengkulu and Southeast Sulawesi.

The KPU Situng's disclaimer noted that an entry of the ballots was made after referring to data received from C1 vote count forms received from polling stations at the city and district levels.

Rectification of errors in data entry can be done at an open plenary meeting on recapitulation at the sub-district level.

Corrections of any inconsistencies in data entries on Situng and C1 from copies will be made in accordance with the C1 form data.

The KPU has made it clear that data published on the Situng is not the official result of the election vote counts.

The KPU will declare the official vote count results on May 22, 2019.

The simultaneous legislative and presidential elections, held on April 17, 2019, throughout Indonesia, have until now stirred two controversies, particularly related to the several deaths of polling station members and Subianto team's claims of inconsistencies in data entry on the Situng.

Subianto's team had brought to the attention of the Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) on May 3, 2019, some 73,716 incorrect vote data entries on KPU Situng.