Police investigate case of pilot spreading hatred speech

Police investigate case of pilot spreading hatred speech

West Jakarta Police Chief Senior Commissioner Hengki Haryadi. (ANTARA/Fianda Rassat)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Investigation is underway into the case of national private airline pilot, with initials IR, for posting a social media post containing provocative and hate content, West Jakarta Metro Police Chief Sr Comr Hengki Haryadi stated.

"We have conducted an examination and it is also against our law on Electronic Information and Transaction," Haryadi remarked at the West Jakarta Police precinct on Monday.

IR was detained by the West Jakarta Police Criminal Investigation Unit in Surabaya, East Java, on Saturday (May 18).

IR's arrest followed the police cyber patrol's finding of the perpetrator attempting to spread incriminatory messages to the public.

Haryadi confirmed that one of the messages disseminated via IR's Facebook account contained content aimed at inciting the people to partake in a mass street protest on May 22, 2019, the day when the Indonesian Election Commission is to announce the official results of the presidential and legislative elections.

"Right, so some of the content carried a narrative that on the 22nd (May), there would have been a whiff of heaven and so on, and then efforts to fight against the government," Haryadi noted.

Owing to his actions, IR is currently embroiled in a case and has to deal with law enforcement officials and is liable to serve a maximum six-year jail term.