Batam seeks to revive shipyard industry

Batam seeks to revive shipyard industry

Batam (ANTARA) -
The Mayor of Batam in the Riau Islands, Muhammad Rudi, wants to revive the shipyard industry, which once was known as the finest shipyard throughout Asia Pacific.

Muhammad Rudi said here on Monday that efforts to revive the shipyard industry would include development of its infrastructure, along with assistance from the many industrial concerns in Sagulung.

"We will begin operating the shipyard again, and will rebuild the road going to the industrial area," said the mayor.

He stated that the government also wanted to improve the roads in Batuaji and Sagulung to support the shipbuilding industry, while at the same time aiding the local community.

"We want to revive Batu Aji and Sagulung. They used to make their livings from the shipyard," he said.

Further, the construction of the Great Mosque in Batuaji, also due to the efforts of the mayor, will reduce the need for workers to drive as far as they currently travel for Friday prayer.

In addition to the place of worship, the mayor hopes that the Great Mosque of Batuaji can stimulate the economy of the people in the surrounding community.

The Great Mosque was also designed as a religious tourism site for Muslims from throughout the archipelago, as well as foreign tourists, especially from Singapore and Malaysia.

The mayor noted that if the new mosque becomes a religious tourist destination that is visited by many tourists, then the local community must take advantage of such opportunities.

The plan for building the mosque, with a capacity for 25 thousand worshipers, is to be inaugurated in September 2019.