Wiranto forgives Kivlan, but cannot intervene in the law

Wiranto forgives Kivlan, but cannot intervene in the law

Jakarta (ANTARA) -
Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law and Security Wiranto said that he personally forgave the former Kostrad Chief of Staff, General Maj. Gen. Kivlan Zen, who was allegedly involved in treason, conspiracy and possession of firearms, but could not intervene in the law.

"There is already a letter that has been delivered to me. Maybe it has also been delivered to Minister of Defense Ryamizard Ryacudu. Personally, I forgive. But as Coordinating Minister for Politics and Security, as part of the government apparatus, it is impossible for me to intervene in the law," Wiranto said, when asked about the request by Kivlan Zen to be freed from detention, while speaking at the Office of the Coordinating Ministry for Politics and Security here on Monday.

He noted that legal cases involving Kivlan Zen were continuing and could not be intervened with by anyone.

Meanwhile, Minister of Defense Ryamizard Ryacudu asserted that a legal case against Gen. Zen must be settled through legal procedures.

The retired four-star general claimed to have received a letter requesting a suspension of detention from Kivlan Zen, but the letter had not yet been read.

Kivlan was named a suspect because he was allegedly involved in a conspiracy to kill four national figures, as well as with possession of firearms.

"We’ll see, if it's an ordinary problem I should help. But if it's a political problem, it's hard for me. I want to help, because I'm a person who always defends soldiers," said the former Army Chief of Staff (KSAD).

Therefore, Ryamizard said, it would be better if the settlement of the problem involving Kivlan was still entrusted to the police.

The request for protection from the Defense Minister and Coordinating Minister for Politics and Security was made because Kivlan Zen said he felt threatened while in detention.