Pertamina ensures more reliable supply of avtur during Hajj season

Pertamina ensures more reliable supply of avtur during Hajj season

Saudi Arabia Boeing 747 aircraft was refueled with avtur at Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport, Palembang, on Wednesday (10/7/2019), prior to departure for Saudi Arabia with some 450 would-be Hajj pilgrims aboard. (Antara News Sumsel /19 / Feny Selly)

Palembang, South Sumatra (ANTARA) - PT Pertamina has ensured more reliable supply of avtur during the departure of pilgrims for the 2019 Hajj season.  

General Manager of the Southern Sumatra Pertamina Marketing Operation Region (MOR) II Primarini in Palembang remarked that reliability was improved than the previous year since 19 flights will be served at the Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport, Palembang.

"We do not want any aircraft waiting in line. Hence, three refueling units are on standby at the airport and can serve three aircraft at once," Primarini remarked after witnessing the process of avtur refueling of Saudi Arabia Boeing 747 aircraft that would fly 450 pilgrims on Wednesday.

Executive General Manager (EGM) Angkasa Pura II Fahroji and GM Gapura Angkasa Edwin and Region Pertamina Aviation II Manager I Made Dirga also bore witness to this activity.

He revealed that apart from providing facilities and infrastructure, Pertamina had also formed the 2019 Hajj Team task force, with 12 certified Refueling Operators. In comparison with 2018, four additional manpower were on standby.

The Task Force team has been stationed since the first flight on July 7 and will be on duty until the last flight on September 4, 2019.

He expressed pride on Pertamina being able to partake and facilitate this year's Hajj season, particularly since there was an increase in the number of pilgrims.

From the business aspect, he admitted to the Hajj season being a blessing for this BUMN owing to a 50 percent spike in avtur consumption compared to the average normal consumption in July last year.

Particularly for the MOR II Sumbagsel region, Pertamina supplies avtur from the Plaju refinery and has prepared around 3,100 kiloliters of avtur or the same as in 2018. Related news: Pertamina explores new oil and gas deposits in Malacca Strait

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