Indonesia's prospective hajj pilgrims laud food consumption in Mecca

Indonesia's prospective hajj pilgrims laud food consumption in Mecca

Workers cooked foods for Indonesian pilgrims in the Cordoba Kitchen, Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Thursday (July 25, 2019). The company is one of the caterers whose task is to prepare more than 2,700 food portions for pilgrims from Indonesia every day during the Hajj season. (ANTARA / Hanni Sofia /aa/bp)

Kota Pekanbaru (ANTARA) - Prospective hajj pilgrims joining the Batam Embarkation in Riau Islands Province have praised the menus served in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, for being varied and nutritious so the foods help  increase their stamina.

"The lunch schedule is given at 08.00 until 11.00 Saudi time, while dinner is given at 19.00 until 22.00, and every Friday afternoon, a light menu of green bean porridge is also given," Public Relations Officer of the Religious Affairs Ministry's Riau Office, Vethria Rahmi said here Sunday.

Consumption services for pilgrims in Saudi Arabia are explained in the pocket book provided by the Ministry of Religious Affairs' Riau Office. A total of 441 prospective hajj pilgrims from Batam are placed in the Royal Mecca Shisyah Hotel.

Based on the report from Dr. Rialis Muhammad Shaleh as a group leader, hotel services satisfy the pilgrims, and the foods that they consume contain high protein and vitamins. .

He said that it was even more special that the pilgrims were allowed to take as much as they need.

One of the hajj pilgrims from Pekanbaru City, Widodo, claimed to be satisfied with the hotel services to the pilgrims, comparing with stories he heard previously from worshipers about the unsatisfactory condition of food and services.

A member of the health team of the Batam embarkation, Dr. Hariya Deatzy, said that consumption services like this are very helpful and increase the pilgrims' nutrition. "We hope that all pilgrims from Indonesia will get the same services," Hariya said.