Aussie national arrested in Bali after attacking locals

Aussie national arrested in Bali after attacking locals

Photo Illustration: a handcuff. (ANTARA/GTM)

Denpasar, Bali (ANTARA) - An Australian citizen, with initials NC, was arrested by the Bali Police for assaulting locals and destroying private property, the Kuta Subdistrict Police chairman, Police Chief Inspector (AKP) Teuku Ricki Fadliansah said here, Monday. The foreigner who worked as an apprentice builder at a hotel in the tourist area of Seminyak, Badung District, had fly-kicked a local off his scooter. The scooter driver, Fadliansah Said, was injured in the assault.

After assaulting the scooter driver, the Australian then harassed some pedestrians nearby.

After assaulting some people, the foreigner then crashed into a passing car in Seminyak. The car driver managed to hit the brakes, but the vehicle's windscreen was broken.

The Australian national also threw some rocks at a few local restaurants and a grocery store, the police stated.

Shortly after the brutal rampage, some nearby Pecalang (Balinese traditional security guards) and police officers arrested the Australian man.

The incident had gone viral not only on social media platforms but also on some Australia-based news websites.

The suspect had confessed to the police that he was severely under the influence of alcohol, and as a result, he suffered a blackout during the incident, the chief added.

"The suspect had consumed 20 bottles of Vodka before he went on the rampage," he noted.

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