Indonesia to emerge as one of world's economic powers: president

Indonesia to emerge as one of world's economic powers: president

President Joko Widodo delivered his annual speech at the legislative complex, Friday (Aug 16, 2019).

Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo is a strong believer that Indonesia will be able to emerge as one of the world's economic powers through mobilization of all economic resources.

"We prove that Indonesia is indeed worthy and able to become one of the world's economic powers. We show that the Indonesian economy can grow while providing a sense of justice. We realize the Indonesian economy that brings prosperity to all Indonesian people," President Widodo stated in his speech for the 2020 State Budget Draft at the House of Representatives plenary meeting at the legislative complex in Jakarta, Friday.

President Widodo has invited all elements of society to realize a leap forward. He noted that the quality of Human Resources (HR) had become one of the keys to enter the era of digital economy.

"We have prepared various programs for the development of human resources in an effort to ensure the demographic bonus becomes a leap forward," he affirmed.

"We have produced talented individuals having character and capable of adapting to technological developments. Indonesia has the initial capital to compete at the global level," the president stated.

Indonesia is the fourth-largest country in terms of population size. He affirmed that youngsters constituted most of Indonesia's population. The middle class is growing rapidly.

"By focusing on improving the quality of human resources, Indonesia can immediately realize its vision of becoming a developed country," President Widodo stated. Related news: Jokowi sets target to reach 5.3 percent growth in 2020

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