Unidentified group kills five gold miners in Yahukimo

Unidentified group kills five gold miners in Yahukimo

A spokesman of Indonesian Police Brig. Gen Dedi Prasetyo. (ANTARA/Dyah Dwi/aa/sh)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian Police’s spokesman Brig. Gen Dedi Prasetyo confirmed at least five gold miners were at the receiving end of a fatal attack by an unidentified group in Yahukimo District of Papua, resulting in their deaths.

"According to initial information, five people were killed," Prasetyo stated here on Tuesday.

Prasetyo claimed that arrows, machetes, and spears were used during the alleged assault on the victims.

The police did not observe any conflict that may have sparked the attack. "The attackers fled to the forest. They just attack, and there was no prior conflict," he stated.

The military and police joint team was deployed to the mining site to move the victims and probe the case.

The mining site was in the area bordering with other districts, located at quite a distance from the center of Yahukimo District.

In the meantime, Boven Digul District Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Samsul Rizal informed ANTARA in Boven Digul District that 47 civilians were evacuated from the remote area between the districts of Yahukimo, Pegunungan Bintang, Asmat, and Boven Digul to Tanah Merah, the capital city of Boven Digul District.

A long boat was deploy to evacuate them, and three of them were immediately brought to the Tanah Merah Hospital to medically treat their injuries.

"They could be part of the gold miners reportedly attacked in the Yahukimo remote area. However, to confirm it, we have to wait for further report from our personnel," he noted.

Some civilians were claimed to be traders, two of whom are females.

The police are yet accruing data on them and according to the evacuees, they had fled from the mining site located between the districts of Yahukimo, Asmat, and Pegunungan Bintang to Ukowi and Phoo before being evacuated to Tanah Merah.

They noted that several other people at the location had also attempted to flee.

Rizal confirmed that the police had yet to identify the attackers.


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